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2010 Map: National Landscape Conservation System

By National Geographic NLCS

This is a beautiful National Geographic map showing the BLM units of the National Landscape Conservation System throughout the country.

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Adventures On America`s Public Lands

By Mary Tisdale and Bibi Booth, editors 1588340813

The Bureau of Land Management (all you non-Westerners say together "WHO?") oversees some of the US of A`s greatest outdoor recreational possibilities. Until now, many of them have fallen into the "Best Kept Secrets" category, but this new Department of Interior survey blows the doors off the secret. From New Mexico to Alaska - and even some sites in Florida, the Dakotas and some Eastern States - opportunities to hike, bike, ride your four-wheeler, watch the birds, plants and animals, explore slot canyons, high peaks and ancient historic sites are all detailed in this beautifully illustrated tome. If you`re headed West (or live here), this one is essential. 2003.

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Audubon Field Guide To The Southwestern States

By Peter Alden and Peter Friedrici 067944680X

What do you need to know? Which cactus is which? What crawly critter is what? Where are the parks and preserves? Just reach into your pocket and pull out this hefty litte rascal and you`ll probably be able to find a color photo and oodles of description. If it lives and breathes, or grows, or just <i>is</i> in the American Southwest, it`s in here. 1999, 447 pages

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Dry Washing for Gold

By James Klein 935182764

This is a great book on how to Dry Wash for Gold. It takes you step by step on how to do everything for Dry Washing for Gold.

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Guide to National Parks of the Southwest

By Rose Houk 9781583690369

Authoritative and indispensable interpretive guide to 52 National Park Service areas in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and western Texas. Includes more than 175 color photographs, a complete map of the southwest, 52 detailed access maps and descriptions of each area. 88pp, 2005

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Place Names Of New Mexico

By Robert Julyan 0826316891

The first one everybody looks up is Truth or Consequences. Luckily there are hundreds more place names in New Mexico with equally or more interesting provenances. Revised edition, 1999, 385 pp.

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