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A-Maze-Ing Arizona

By Rebekah Bereit 9780873588096

Thirty mazes invite the reader to explore various towns and attractions of Arizona, including the O.K. Corral, an archaeological dig, and Hoover Dam. 64pp, 2002

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Annie's Guests: Tales from a Frontier Hotel

By Barbara Marriott 9780972377102

The history of a luxury resort hotel (and it's famous and infamous guests) in Arizona's territorial days. 191pp, 2000

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Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 1550-1941

By Peter L Eidenbach 9780826352293

The author has compiled a collection of New Mexico’s historic maps, navigating through a varied terrain of research and discovery, even securing permissions for colonial-era maps held in special collections with limited public access. This collection, featuring beautifully rendered diagrams of New Mexico’s landscape, allows exploration of the past as seen by that past’s inhabitants. 2012

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Brief History Of New Mexico, A

By Myra Ellen Jenkins 0826303706

In a mere ninety pages, Myra Ellen Jenkins, the former state historian of New Mexico, has created a short and sweet explanation for a tangled and bloody history. 1974, 89 pp.

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Dance Ceremonies of the Northern Rio Grande Pueblos

By Dick & Kathryn Huelster 0976683903

Featurings the unique DIAL-A-DANCE back cover that tells you which of New Mexico's eight northern Pueblos is danceing when, this slender pocket-sized book also provides brief cultural background on the natives of Nambe,Picuri,Poajaque,San Ildefonso,Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan),Taos,and Tesuque Pueblos. 32pp, 2005

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Death Comes For The Archbishop

By Willa Cather 0679728899

What happens when a French Catholic becomes Archbishop of a Spanish colony? You may think the title gives it away, but you can find out only by reading Willa Cather`s classic tale of real New Mexico history. 1927, 297 pp.

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Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail: Recipies and Lore From the Old West

By Sam'l P Arnold 1555912915

A delightfully entertaining and informative book, Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail is filled with rare information painstakingly culled from thousands of sources, including the diaries and journals of many who rode the trail. Generously illustrated by Sam's late wife, Carrie Arnold. Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail contains recipes of trappers, traders, settlers, various Indian tribes, Mexicans, and military soldiers. From Missouri, across Kansas to Bent's Fort, Colorado, and on to Santa Fe, New Mexico, learn from the words of the travelers themselves how to prepare such trail fare as buffalo, elk, crane, Indian "washtunkala" (jerked meat stew), as well as "belly washes," such as Injun Whisky (made with black gunpowder, red pepper, and tobacco juice). A unique blend of culinary and western history, Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail is filled with the delicacies and oddities of the Old West and is must for the professional chef, historian, buckskinner, and gastronome.

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Forgotten Tales of New Mexico

By Ellen Dornan 9781609494858

From the Apache Wars to Los Alamos, New Mexico's rich past offers a colorful medley of emboldened characters and controversial schemes the shaped the course of history. In this collection of forgotten tales, master storyteller Ellen Dornan relates the stories of herioc outcasts and scheming governors, female warriors and fierce revolutionaries. 2012, 173pp.

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Fort Union - A Photo History

By T. J. Sperry 9781877856013

A historical overview of this major frontier fort that guarded the western end of the Santa Fe Trail from 1851 to 1891. Includes 20 historical photos, most never before published

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Ghost Towns Alive

By Linda G. Harris 0-8263-2908-X

Author Linda G. Harris and photographer Pamela Porter have divided the state into eleven regions comprising seventy ghost towns, from the Santa Fe Trail and Colfax County in the north to the boot heel in the south. Paperback.

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Grand Canyon Trivia Trek

By Flood Hefley 9781555664305

The Grand Canyon is host to a wealth of natural and human history. Flood Hefley mines this mother load turning up a fortune of fascinating facts, together with historic and personal photographs, to enrich your experience. In this book you'll read about: Colorado River runners, Native Americans and pioneers, bridges and dams, trails and routes, mining in the canyon, trails and routes, historic camps and campgrounds, historic Grand Canyon figures, and much more. 2012, 184pp

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Great Taos Bank Robbery

By Tony Hillerman 9780826351920

This classic collection of essays about life in New Mexico by the great Tony Hillerman remains a must read for anyone trying to understand the state's unique charm. 2012, 150pp.

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Guide to American Indian Folk Art of the Southwest

By Susan Lamb 1583690654

A Handy pocket guide to Indian folk art of the southwest. 2006

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Guide to Indian Jewelry of the Southwest

By Georgiana Kennedy Simpson 158369000X

A handy pocket guide to all the types of Indian Jewelry in the Southwest. 1999

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High Noon At Lincoln

By UNM Press 0826312012

Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and a couple of six-guns. This is the combination that has kept history buffs speculating and romanticizing for over a century. Learn the whole story of the Lincoln County Wars in this well-researched tome.

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History Of The Southwest

By Thomas E. Sheridan 1-877856-76-2

As you`d expect from those wonderful folks at the Western National Parks Association, this overview of the many cultures and fascinating individuals who shaped Arizona and New Mexico is filled to the brim with superb illustrations. Lovely to look at, delightful to read. 1998, 80 pp.

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Illustrated History of New Mexico

By Thomas E. Chvez 9780826330512

Combines more than two hundred photographs and a concise history to create an engaging, panoramic view of New Mexico's fascinating past. 267pp, 2002

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Images of America: Tombstone

By Jane Eppinga 9780738520964

In this volume, more than 200 striking images and informative captions tell the stories of the heroes and villains of Tombstone, the saloons and brothels they visited, the movies they inspired, and Boot Hill, the well-known cemetery where many were buried. 128pp, 2003

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Images of America: Tucson AZ

By Jane Eppinga 9780738507743

Through the centuries the flags of Spain, Mexico, the Confederacy, and the United States have flown over Tucson. Images of cowboys and Indians, preachers and gamblers, miners and gunslingers, ladies of the night and churchmen, leave an indelible imprint on the history of this town. From remote Spanish presidio outpost, to Mexican village, to modern metropolis, Tucson has endured. 128pp, 2000

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Indian Arts of the Southwest

By Susanne Page, Jake Page 9781933855172

Southwestern Native Americans are renowned for their commitment to excellence in artistry and craftsmanship. This equally excellent book offers clear, expert, concise guidance to the gorgeous array of objects created by the native peoples of Arizona and New Mexico. 144pp, 2009

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