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Map: Medicine Bow WY - Surface Management Map


From Medicine Bow explore BLM lands to the west and south. From Arlington explore the north part of Medicine Bow National Forest with camping, and fishing at Bow River Campground. Recreation on the North Platte River south of Walcott Junction includes camping, fishing, and boating. The BLM quadrant maps are scaled at 1:100,000, and cover an area of about 30 x 50 miles. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal ownership. Map shows color coded public and private ownership, roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest, and the township and range lines. Use the map for OHV use, and WY Deer 64, 70, 74, 75, 79, and 161; WY Elk HU 7, 10, 11, 12, 16, 114, and 125. 2013

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Culture & History » Southwestern Archaeology

Ancient Southwest: Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, and Mesa Verde

By David Stuart 9780826346384

Over twenty-five years ago, David Stuart began writing award-winning newspaper articles on regional archaeology that appealed to general readers. These columns shared interesting, and usually little-known, facts and stories about the ancient people and places of the Southwest. By 1985, Stuart had penned enough columns to fill a book, Glimpses of the Ancient Southwest, which has been unavailable for years. Now he has rewritten most of his original articles to include recently discovered information about Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, and Mesa Verde. 152pp, 2009

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From Mounds to Mammoths

By Claudette Marie Gilbert & Robert L. Brooks 806132256

For most Oklahomans the story of the state begins with the removal of the Five Tribes to Indian Territory early in the nineteenth century. In fact, Oklahoma has a rich, diverse, and enduring native cultural heritage. Using recent discoveries and information unearthed since its original 1980 publication, From Mounds to Mammoths presents Oklahoma’s prehistory from thirty thousand years ago to historic contact times. Claudette Gilbert and Robert L. Brooks take the reader back thousands of years to experience life on the plains. They discuss the Cooper site, which has given us valuable insights into Folsom technology, hunting practices, and ritual. Here archaeologists discovered a thunderbolt painted on a bison skull-the earliest evident of artwork in North America. The story of Spiro Mounds, a more recent culture, reveals village life in the Arkansas River basin 800-1000 years ago. Told chronologically with vivid chapter-opening vignettes, From Mounds to Mammoths provides a fascinating glimpse into the variety of Oklahoma native cultures.

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Great Houses of Chaco

By John Martin Campbell 826342485

In The Great Houses of Chaco, Jack Campbell's elegant black and white photos explore the intricate structures that have come to define Chaco. David Stuart and Thomas Windes provide essays that place the photographs into historic contexts, and Katherine Kallestad has written captions that explain the images themselves. Together, they detail Chacoan culture and the magnificent ruins that are the primary source of our knowledge about the ancestral people of this region.

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History Of The Southwest

By Thomas E. Sheridan 1-877856-76-2

As you`d expect from those wonderful folks at the Western National Parks Association, this overview of the many cultures and fascinating individuals who shaped Arizona and New Mexico is filled to the brim with superb illustrations. Lovely to look at, delightful to read. 1998, 80 pp.

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Indian Arts of the Southwest

By Susanne Page, Jake Page 9781933855172

Southwestern Native Americans are renowned for their commitment to excellence in artistry and craftsmanship. This equally excellent book offers clear, expert, concise guidance to the gorgeous array of objects created by the native peoples of Arizona and New Mexico. 144pp, 2009

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Pecos National Historical Park

By Sarah Gustafson 1877856703

Indians, conquistadors, traders, Civil War battles, and park rangers! Find it all in Pecos, New Mexico. 1997, 15 pp.

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Petroglyphs of the Southwest; A Puebloan Perspective

By Conroy Chino 9781583691403

A brief and well illustrated pocket guide to the petroglyphs of the Four Corners Region. 2012

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Rock Art of The Southwest

By Liz & Peter Welsh 899972586

This extremely useful and important book provides the perfect introduction to rock-art in the American Southwest. Most importantly, this guide book prepares the visitor of rock-art sites better than any other rock-art guide book, and it is the information it provides is applicable to any rock-art sites in the world. 2000

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Salinas Pueblo Missions: Abo, Quarai and Gran Quivira

By Dan Murphy 9780911408980

Learn about the remarkable human story of the Estancia Basin of New Mexico and the tragic drama that unfolded in the seventeenth century, when the expanding empire of Spain reached these peaceful Indian towns.

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Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province: exploring ancient and enduring uses

By William W. Dunmire, Gail D. Tierney 9780890132722

Plant biologist and former US Park Service ecologist Dunmire and botanist/anthropologist Tierney have written a book that combines a high degree of scholarship with a delightfully accessible trail-guide approach to the traditional uses of wild plants in the Pueblo world. 305pp, 1995

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Culture & History » Literature

Annie's Guests: Tales from a Frontier Hotel

By Barbara Marriott 9780972377102

The history of a luxury resort hotel (and it's famous and infamous guests) in Arizona's territorial days. 191pp, 2000

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Campfire Stories

By William Forgey 9780762763887

Need a good scary story to tell to youngsters—or to anyone, young or old, who wants a little fright before going off to sleep in the great outdoors? Nothing goes better with gooey s’mores and a glowing campfire than a good ghost story, and this collection of scary classics and frightening folktales will send shivers up anyone’s spine. Campfire Stories includes twenty original and classic stories of adventures and ghosts, all fun and easy to remember and retell. 240pp, 2011

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By Ernest Wallace, E. Adamson Hoebel 806120401

For more than a century and a half, since they had first moved into the Southwest from the north, the Comanches raided and pillaged and repelled all efforts to encroach on their hunting grounds. They decimated the pueblo of Pecos, within thirty miles of Santa Fé. The Spanish frontier settlements of New Mexico were happy enough to let the raiding Comanches pass without hindrance to carry their terrorizing forays into Old Mexico, a thousand miles down to Durango. The Comanches fought the Texans, made off with their cattle, burned their homes, and effectively made their own lands unsafe for the white settlers. They fought and defeated at one time or another the Utes, Pawnees, Osages, Tonkawas, Apaches, and Navahos.

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Dancing People

By Clyde Ellis 070081494X

Everywhere they are dancing. From Oklahoma City’s huge Red Earth celebration to fund-raising events at local high schools, powwows are a vital element of contemporary Indian life on the Southern Plains. Some see it as tradition, handed down through the generations. Others say it’s been sullied by white participation and robbed of its spiritual significance. But, during the past half century, the powwow has become one of the most popular and visible expressions of the dynamic cultural forces at work in Indian country today

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Death Comes For The Archbishop

By Willa Cather 0679728899

What happens when a French Catholic becomes Archbishop of a Spanish colony? You may think the title gives it away, but you can find out only by reading Willa Cather`s classic tale of real New Mexico history. 1927, 297 pp.

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Endangered Species

By Nevada Barr 0380725835

That Ranger Pigeon- she always catches the bad guy while interpreting natural resources, aiding curious tourists, and respecting her surrounding natural resources. So of course you want to read about her sojourn at Cumberland Island National Seashore where she has to solve the mystery of a downed DEW plane while protecting and interpreting loggerhead turtles and wild ponies. 1998, 383 pages.

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Grandpa Lolo's Navajo Saddle Blanket: La tilma de Abuelito Lolo

By Nasario Garca 9780826350794

Grandpa Lolo lives on a ranch in northern New Mexico. When he buys a black-and-white horse named Zorrillo (skunk) from Manuelito Yazzie, a Navajo who lives in a hogan in Torreón, Manuelito throws a tilma, a beautiful Navajo saddle blanket, into the deal. And so begins a beautiful friendship. This authentic slice of life in the multicultural West will warm the hearts of readers of all ages. 72pp, 2012

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Lazy B

By Sandra Day O'Connor, H. Alan Day 9780679643449

Here is the remarkable story of Sandra Day O’Connor’s family and early life, her journey to adulthood in the American Southwest that helped make her the woman she is today—the first female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and one of the most powerful women in America. 318pp, 2002

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Outlaw Tales of New Mexico

By Barbara Marriott 9780762743209

From Billy the Kid to “Dirty Dave” Rudabaugh, Joel Fowler to Pancho Villa, read about the most notorious desperados in the history of the Land of Enchantment. Through these astonishing true stories, Outlaw Tales of New Mexico introduces you to a state you thought you knew—and a West that was wilder than you've ever imagined. 136pp, 2007

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Tierra Amarilla: Stories of New Mexico/Cuentos de Nuevo Mexico

By Sabine Ulibarr� 9780826314383

Ulibarr�, a native of Tierra Amarilla, takes the reader back into his past, inside the church and adobe homes, through the forests and fields, across mountain meadows and canyons, revealing an enduring love of the Spanish American people who come alive in this book. 200pp, 1993

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