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Counting Little Geckos

By Charline Profiri 9781891795145

Geckos everywhere, having fun! Number one is the cool gecko with the blue shades. Gecko number six does push-ups and number four sleeps through it all. The book's rhyming text helps children anticipate the next number and teaches little ones to count from one to ten. 24pp, 2005

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Desert Lizards

By James Cornett 937794376

First-ever book devoted to Southwest desert lizards, the most frequently seen group of arid land animals. Includes every group.

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Desert Snakes

By James Cornett 937794341

Learn all about desert snakes with the beautiful book by James W. Cornett.

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Fang and Stinger

By Conrad Storad 1891795643

This story is the friendship of a tarantula and a scorpion who are picked on by a tarantula hawk wasp and learn to stand up themselves.

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Katie of the Sonoran Desert

By Kate Jackson 1886679153

Winner of the 2010 IPPY Silver Medal in Multicultural Non-Fiction, and 2010 Moonbeam Children's Book Gold Medal. This is the true story of Katie, a meter-long western diamondback rattlesnake, and her adventures as she struggles to make a life for herself in the harsh Sonoran Desert. We re with Katie, sharing in her determination as she hunts for the food she needs to stay alive, her terror when attacked by vicious predators, and her care and devotion to the litter of babies she gives birth to.

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Lizards of the American Southwest

By Lawrence Jones, Rob Lovich 9781933855356

Lizards of the American Southwest covers all 96 species found in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Texas west of the Pecos River. Learn where to find lizards and how to identify them. Includes detailed information on habitat, natural history, taxonomy, viewing tips, plus hundreds of photos, illustrations, and maps. 560pp, 2009

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Mac's Field Guide to Reptiles of North America Laminated Card

By Craig MacGowan 9780898863390

Two-sided plastic laminated cards developed by a teacher of marine science. Cards include color drawings, common and scientific names, and information on size and habitat.

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New Mexico's Reptiles and Amphibians; A Field Guide

By R.D. and Patricia Bartlett 9780826352071

If you want basic and reliable information on the lizard in your backyard or the snake you encountered on a hike in the mountains, this handy field guide is invaluable. 2013

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Pocket Naturalist: Reptiles and Amphibians

By James Kavanaugh 1583551808

This pocket-sized, full-color twelve-panel folder-upper catalogs "Familiar Species of North America" including: 18 kinds of turtles, 25 lizards, two dozen frogs and toads, 13 salamanders, 45 snakes (including eleven vemonous guys you better not step on) and even three crocodilians!!

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Quick Guide: Reptiles & Amphibians of the Sonoran Desert

By Randall D. Babb 1936913688

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Rattlesnake Rules

By Conrad J. Storad 1598952112

Animals learn rules by living They have no books or schools Please pay attention to this story For even rattlesnakes have rules

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Snakes of Southeast Arizona Quick Guide

By Randall D. Babb 1936913817

Snakes of Southeast Arizona: This fact-filled identification guide is an excellent resource for all outdoor and nature enthusiasts. It describes 38 species of snakes found in southeastern Arizona (south of the Gila River and east of the Baboquivari Mountains to the Mexican and New Mexico borders) including all 10 species of venomous snakes that inhabit the area. The guide also features color photos that make it ideal for field use. Common and scientific names, average adult size, habitat, diet, and behavior are described. Tips on field identification and safety instructions are also presented. The 12 panels of this laminated and waterproof guide fold up into a handy pocket-size, making it sturdy enough to withstand repeated use in the field.

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Things That Bite; Southwest Edition

By Tom Anderson 1591932793

Spiders, snakes, coyotes, and Gila monsters--they're out there, but there's no reason to fear them. Things That Bite takes a matter-of-fact look at more than 30 creatures found in the Southwest. 2012

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