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Adventures On America`s Public Lands

By Mary Tisdale and Bibi Booth, editors 1588340813

The Bureau of Land Management (all you non-Westerners say together "WHO?") oversees some of the US of A`s greatest outdoor recreational possibilities. Until now, many of them have fallen into the "Best Kept Secrets" category, but this new Department of Interior survey blows the doors off the secret. From New Mexico to Alaska - and even some sites in Florida, the Dakotas and some Eastern States - opportunities to hike, bike, ride your four-wheeler, watch the birds, plants and animals, explore slot canyons, high peaks and ancient historic sites are all detailed in this beautifully illustrated tome. If you`re headed West (or live here), this one is essential. 2003.

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Arizona Rocks & Minerals

By Bob Lynch, Dan R. Lynch 9781591932376

It's here: the perfect guide to rocks and minerals of the Grand Canyon State! From agates to rare treasures like gold, you'll have facts and details at your fingertips to learn about and identify your finds. The book's easy-to-use format helps you to quickly uncover what you need to know and where to look. 252pp, 2010

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Audubon Field Guide To The Southwestern States

By Peter Alden and Peter Friedrici 067944680X

What do you need to know? Which cactus is which? What crawly critter is what? Where are the parks and preserves? Just reach into your pocket and pull out this hefty litte rascal and you`ll probably be able to find a color photo and oodles of description. If it lives and breathes, or grows, or just <i>is</i> in the American Southwest, it`s in here. 1999, 447 pages

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Birds of Arizona Field Guide

By Stan Tekiela 1591930154

Make bird identification easier, more informative and productive. This book contains 145 species of only Arizona birds, easy to use color guide, range maps showing where in Arizona you will find the birds, and full page photos with corresponding full page descriptions.

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Dry Washing for Gold

By James Klein 935182764

This is a great book on how to Dry Wash for Gold. It takes you step by step on how to do everything for Dry Washing for Gold.

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Field Guide To Rock Art Symbols Of The Southwest

By Alex Patterson 1555660916

The Southwest is filled with the etchings created by civilizations from long ago, depicting familiar figures like Kokopelli, and more mysterious humans, shapes, and animals. This guide offers illustrations, and some explanation of what these symbols might have meant. 1992, 256 pp.

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GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails

By David A. Kelty 89786353

Compasses have been the standard for locating collecting sites for decades, but there is an alternative way to find your destination- The GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails. Compiled by a veteran rockhound, this handy supplemental GPS guide directs you to the best collecting sites found in the Gem Trails books series as well as other popular rockhounding guides. 232pp, 2007

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Greetings from Route 66

By Voyageur Press 760338858

John Steinbeck famously christened Route 66 as out "Mother Road." Others have called it the Main Street of the United States, the road that links the East to the West, a symbol of America. Now, here's the ultimate road trip back through time along Route 66. It's a travel guide and history, a pop culture tour de force and a cookbook-all in one!

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Hot Springs & Hot Pools Of Southwest

By Marjorie Gersh-Young 1890880019

Find out where to relax all throughout the Southwest with or without clothes, for fee and for free.2007, 240 pp.

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Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West - Revised

By Michael Moore 0890134545

Boy, how Topsy grew! From his orginal chapbook to this massive tome, Michael Moore (no, not <i> that</i> Michael Moore) has been THE expert on all the healthy uses of whatever grows in them thar hills. He`s up to 350 pages PLUS some color plates as of this 2003 expansion.

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Motorcycle Touring in the Southwest: The Region's Best Rides

By Christy Karras 9780762747436

Where better to savor the pleasures of motorcycle touring—whether a Sunday afternoon ride with friends or a multiday adventure—than the Southwest, where you can do so all year-round, often on roads that stretch out over stunning landscapes as far as the eye can see? Now, with Motorcycle Touring in the Southwest, bikers have an unparalleled guide describing thirty-four classic rides across the region—including Utah, southwestern Colorado, the Four Corners, the Las Vegas area, New Mexico, and Arizona. 352pp, 2010

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Night Sky: A Field Guide to the Constellations

By Jonathan Poppele 1591932297

This book will help you easily find all 62 constellations. Just choose the constellations and the season, hold the book up to the sky and follow the easy directions and there is your constellation! It also comes with a handy red flashlight for easy reading!

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Sabino Canyon: The Life of a Southwestern Oasis

By David Wentworth Lazaroff 9780816513444

For anyone curious about life in a genuine Southwestern oasis, this book captures the beauty and uniqueness of a natural treasure-house located in a bustling city's back yard. 119pp, 1993

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Top 10 Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque

By Nancy Mikula 9780756685478

Whether you are traveling first class or on a limited budget, this Eyewitness To 10 guide will lead you straight to the very best Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque have to offer.

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Wildflowers of Arizona Field Guide

By Nora & Rick Bowers and Stan Tekiela 1591930693

This guide has full page photos and descriptions of each wildflower. It is organized by color and size. A wonderful book to have for a quick check to see what wildflower your looking at in Arizona

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