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Pocket Naturalist: Mushrooms

By James Kavanaugh 158355182-4

This handy and handsomely-illustrated pocket-sized guide shows twelve panels of the common mushrooms found in North America. Those little black skulls next to some of them indicate that you should NOT try cooking them without further consultation.

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Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie

By Kelly Kindscher 700603255

The book is organized into fifty-one chapters arranged alphabetically by scientific name. For those who are interested in finding and identifying the plants, the book provides line drawings, distribution maps, and botanical and habitat descriptions. The ethnobotanical accounts of food use form the major portion of the text, but the reader will also find information on the parts of the plants used, harvesting, propagation (for home gardeners), and the preparation and taste of wild food plants.

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Pocket Naturalist: Wilderness Survival

By James Cavanaugh 1583550941

A light and easy guide to Wilderness Survival. If your out in the middle of nowhere and you need to get an airplane's attention this will tell you how. It could save your life! Waterproof and tearproof plastic coating, 2001 fold out guide.

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Adventure Scope

By Impact ADS

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Adventure Tool

By Impact ATI

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Bandana: Survival

By Printed Image S00623

A 19 inch by 19 inch bandana with survival tips, knots, animal tracks, etc..

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By Specialty Incentives RSP-1216

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Extreme Heat Survival

By James Kavanagh 1583558591

Summer heat waves have become more frequent and increasingly intense over the past 20 years. In a normal year, about 175 Americans are killed by extreme heat. Among natural disasters, only extreme cold – not hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or earthquakes – takes a greater toll. Based on international protocols, Extreme Heat Survival focuses on what people can do before, during and after a heat wave to protect themselves and their property. Also included in each guide are smartphone QR codes that link to the websites of various emergency services agencies. Laminated for durability, this portable guide is an ideal source of quick and accurate information.

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By Impact 239-HDL

This is perfect for seeing in the dark.

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This is our most versatile design. It has a tie closure that can be worn tied around the neck or head. We make a our cooling band narrow and so it’s just the right size and lightweight, yet effective. We turn and hide all of our seams and finish our tie ends at an attractive angle for a quality look.

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Sonoran Desert Flashlight

By Impact FLS

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