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Desert Babies

By Northword Books for Young Readers 9781559718721

With accessible language and concepts, these photographic board books feature adorable baby animals in their native habitats. The board format and square trim are easy for toddlers to handle, and the subject matter of animal babies with their moms and other caretakers provides reassuring and comforting images, making these books perfect fits for little ones. 22pp, 2003

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Desert Baths

By Darcy Pattison 1607185345

Watch the vulture bask in the morning sun, the roadrunner kick up a cloud of dust, the javelina wallow, and the bobcat give her cub a licking with a rough tongue in Desert Baths. As the sun travels across the sky, learn how twelve different desert animals face the difficulties of staying clean in a dry and parched land. Explore the desert habitat through its animals and their habits of hygiene. Told in lyrical prose, this story is a celebration of the desert lands of the American Southwest.

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Desert Night Desert Day

By Anthony D. Fredericks 9781933855707

The desert is an amazing place filled with secrets and surprises. Desert Night Desert Day brings the best of the desert out from the shadows with warm and enticing illustrations for kids to enjoy over and over. 32pp, 2011

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Desert Scrapbook

By Virginia Wright-Frierson 686850557

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Do You See What I See?

By Abby Mogollon 9781583690499

Preschool readers will be delighted by the bright, colorful illustrations in this board book designed for the 0-3 age group. Singing coyotes, running javelinas, and sneaking bobcats are just a few of the lovable animals that will capture the attention of toddlers everywhere. 26pp

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Elk Bull 5

By Safari Ltd 180329

From its white backside to the tip of its impressive antler our majestic Elk Bull of North America's largest land mammals. Professionally sculpted and individually hand painted, Wild Safari® North American Wildlife continues the tradition of quality toys you expect from Safari Ltd®.

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Fang and Stinger

By Conrad Storad 1891795643

This story is the friendship of a tarantula and a scorpion who are picked on by a tarantula hawk wasp and learn to stand up themselves.

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Grandpa Lolo's Navajo Saddle Blanket: La tilma de Abuelito Lolo

By Nasario García 9780826350794

Grandpa Lolo lives on a ranch in northern New Mexico. When he buys a black-and-white horse named Zorrillo (skunk) from Manuelito Yazzie, a Navajo who lives in a hogan in Torreón, Manuelito throws a tilma, a beautiful Navajo saddle blanket, into the deal. And so begins a beautiful friendship. This authentic slice of life in the multicultural West will warm the hearts of readers of all ages. 72pp, 2012

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Gray Wolf 4

By Safari Ltd 273829

This Gray Wolf looks like itÂ’s howling at the moon, but itÂ’s probably trying to get the attention of its pack. Professionally sculpted and individually hand painted, Wild Safari® North American Wildlife continues the tradition of quality toys you expect from Safari Ltd®.

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Greater Roadrunner 3

By Safari Ltd 227329

Greater RoadrunnerÂ’s prefer drier, desert climates where they can run upwards of 20 miles per hour chasing prey or fleeing from predators. Professionally sculpted and individually hand painted, Wild Safari® North American Wildlife continues the tradition of quality toys you expect from Safari Ltd®.

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Guess Who's in the Desert

By Charline Profiri 1933855790

The desert is full of surprises! You never know what you might find nestled in a tall saguaro or climbing steep canyon walls. All you have to do is look! This fun, interactive guessing game invites curious children to discover all of the secrets and surprises the desert holds. Who leaves x-shaped tracks? Who has orange and black beady skin? Just open the book to find out! Each time you do, you're bound to find something new! Bright, unique illustrations, fun, rhyming text, clues on every page. A read-again-and-again-and-again book!

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Hat: Junior Ranger


Top off your Junior Ranger ensemble with this bucket-style safari hat. Constructed of a 67% poly/33% cotton blend fabric, the hat features solid brass venting eyelets, chin strap with cord lock, gold "Junior Ranger" embroidery on the front, and stitched fabric loops above the brim for securing small items such as collectible pins.

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Hat: Kids Bucket


The KidsÂ’ Fun Bucket Hat will put a smile on your child or grandchildÂ’s face and bring peace-of-mind for you. The need for childrenÂ’s sun protection is unprecedented; early education and use of natural sun care, including sun protective wear is critical for their future health. The KidsÂ’ Fun Bucket offers a wide down sloping brim, excellent ventilation and our SmartStrap® safety technology for great reliable sun protection.

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Hat: Kids Play


The KidsÂ’ Play Hat is the best investment you can make in sun protective wear for your children or grandchildren! Kids love to wear them, and parents and grandparents love knowing their little ones are staying safely sun protected during their critical childhood years. The best-selling kidsÂ’ sun hat offers unique sun protective features making it a hit everywhere the sun shines.

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Here Is the Southwestern Desert

By Madeleine Dunphy 9780977379569

Despite its stark landscape and harsh climate, the Sonoran Desert teems with life. Hare, hawks, lizards, bobcats, badgers, coyote -- all live among the desert's fragrant mesquite and spiny cactus, and none can exist without the others. Madeleine Dunphy's poetic text explores all the warm and native elements that make the American Southwest such a mystical place, while Anne Coe's stunning paintings portray the desert's plants and animals as well as the dazzling colors reflected in the rocks and skies of the Sonoran Desert. 32pp, 2006

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How the Stars Fell Into the Sky: A Navajo Legend

By Jerrie Oughton 9780395779385

This retelling of a Navajo folktale explains how First Woman tried to write the laws of the land using stars in the sky, only to be thwarted by the trickster Coyote. 32pp, 1996

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I Howl, I Growl

By Marcia Vaughan 9780873588355

Join the lively animals of this book as they race, chase, howl and growl across the clever pages of this board book. Bold illustrations and catchy rhymes make I Howl, I Growl the perfect introduction to the wide range of animals that live in the desert habitat. 25pp, 2003

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Javelinas (Look West)

By Lauray Yule 9781887896610

This addition to the "Look West Series Introduces the reader to the bristly pelt and razor-sharp teeth of the javelina. 64pp, 2004

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Josefina Javelina: A Hairy Tale

By Susan Lowell 9780873587907

Josefina Javelina longs to be a ballerina. So, she packs up her concertina and leaves her favorite little cantina to go to Pasadena to visit her cousin Angelina. From the desert to the city, a wild adventure ensues as Josefina puts some dip in her hip and some slide in her glide on her way to the big time-a long, long way from home. But not even Coyote, with his wily tricks, can get this javelina down. A hilarious, hairy tale! 32pp, 2005

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Jr Ranger Vest


Kids (and adults) will love this lightweight Junior Ranger activity vest. Plenty of pockets, with zipper and Velcro closures, keep small treasures safe. Base vest venting made of a polyester mesh and pockets are a 67% poly/33% cotton blend. Perfect for family outings!

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