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Arches National Park-Trails Illustrated map

By National Geographic Maps 1566951836

Trails Illustrated maps are durable, accurate, and updated at least every two years. Each map, made of recycled material, is waterproof and tearproof for the wildest backcountry adventures. 1:35,000. 2005

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Canyonlands Maze District UT Trails Illustrated Map 312

By National Geographic Maps TI-MAP-312

Covers the Maze District within the Canyonlands National Park. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Includes text, descriptive indexes to trails and roads, location map, ancillary map, and an illustration of the view from southwest. Trails Illustrated maps are durable, accurate, and updated at least every two years. Each map, made of recycled material, is waterproof and tearproof for the wildest backcountry adventures. This map is based on USGS topographic modified and revised by Trails Illustrated in cooperation with the National Park Service. 1:70,000; 2008.

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Fort Union - A Photo History

By T. J. Sperry 9781877856013

A historical overview of this major frontier fort that guarded the western end of the Santa Fe Trail from 1851 to 1891. Includes 20 historical photos, most never before published

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Geology of Northern New Mexico's Parks

By L Greer Price (ed) 9781883905255

This authoritative overview of the geology of northern New Mexico's parks, monuments, and public lands, with information on the regional setting, the rock record, and the most prominent geologic features. With nearly 300 full-color geologic maps, graphics, and photographs, this book is a perfect introduction to some of New Mexico's most significant geologic landscapes. 372 pages, $24.95 2010

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Grand Canyon Continuing Story

By Connie Rudd 0887140467

Although erosion has been slowed considerably by the damming of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is still growing grander all the time. Find out the how the Grand Canyon story goes on in this photographic volume. 48 pp.

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Grand Canyon Cookbook

By Bruce & Bobbi Fisher 1885590202

A collection of recipes from rangers, hikers and other Grand Canyon chefs. Featuring high energy trail foods, soothing hot drinks, and great Southwestern style dishes. 95 pages, spiral bound, 2007

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Grand Canyon North Rim

By Connie Rudd 0887140335

The north rim of the Grand Canyon has been a well-kept secret. Now the word is out, with this story behind the scenery. Explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, trails of early explorers, and the amazing natural beauty of the Kaibab plateau and the north rim around Jacob Lake. 1989, 48 pp.

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Grand Canyon River Guide

By Buzz Belknap 9780916370169

The definitive river runner's guide to Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. This map and guide is suitable for white water rafting, floating, kayaking, and fishing in the river. Includes detailed maps of 350 miles of the Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Hoover Dam. Also includes history, geology and natural history of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. 120 pp, 2012.

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Grand Canyon Trail Guide Havasu

By Thybony, Scott GCAHAVASU

Pocket-sized trail guide to the sights, history, and water holes of the remote Havasu trail. 10 miles one way backpacking from the trailhead to Havasu Campground. Includes Grand Canyon-specific safety and hiking tips. 2010

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Grand Canyon Trail Guide North Kaibab


Pocket-sized trail guide to the sights, history, and water holes of the north Kaibab trail. Hiking and backpacking on the trail. It is 6.8 miles to Cottonwood Camp and 14.2 mile to the Colorado River. Includes Grand Canyon-specific safety and hiking tips. 2005

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Grand Canyon Trail Guide South and North Bass


For day hikers and backpackers who know where they want to go in Grand Canyon National Park. This pocket-sized trail guide leads you to the sights, history, and water holes of the South and North Bass trails. Includes Grand Canyon-specific safety and hiking tips. 2009

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Grand Canyon Trivia Trek

By Flood Hefley 9781555664305

The Grand Canyon is host to a wealth of natural and human history. Flood Hefley mines this mother load turning up a fortune of fascinating facts, together with historic and personal photographs, to enrich your experience. In this book you'll read about: Colorado River runners, Native Americans and pioneers, bridges and dams, trails and routes, mining in the canyon, trails and routes, historic camps and campgrounds, historic Grand Canyon figures, and much more. 2012, 184pp

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Grand Canyon: Story Behind The Scenery

By L Greer Price 0887140602

Learn the fascinating story behind the spectacular scenery of Grand Canyon National Park. Full color photographs show the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River in all their scenic glory. 1997, 48 pp.

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Great Houses of Chaco

By John Martin Campbell 826342485

In The Great Houses of Chaco, Jack Campbell's elegant black and white photos explore the intricate structures that have come to define Chaco. David Stuart and Thomas Windes provide essays that place the photographs into historic contexts, and Katherine Kallestad has written captions that explain the images themselves. Together, they detail Chacoan culture and the magnificent ruins that are the primary source of our knowledge about the ancestral people of this region.

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Guide to National Parks of the Southwest

By Rose Houk 9781583690369

Authoritative and indispensable interpretive guide to 52 National Park Service areas in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and western Texas. Includes more than 175 color photographs, a complete map of the southwest, 52 detailed access maps and descriptions of each area. 88pp, 2005

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Hiking Grand Canyon National Park

By Ron Adkison 1560445661

There is so much of the Grand Canyon, who could write a guide to cover all the things to do? Falcon Press brings us this guide to the most beautiful and interesting day hikes and backpacking trips in Grand Canyon National Park, which includes map references, camping tips, and points of interest along the hiking trails. 1997, 272 pp.

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Map: Amboy - Surface Management


Map shows the southern part of Mojave National Preserve with Providence Mountains State Recreation Area, and expansive BLM land south of the preserve. Scenic driving on Black Canyon Road Scenic Backway accessed from Fenner. Explore the BLM lands with opportunities for scenic driving, viewing scenic geological features, hiking, rock collecting, wildlife viewing, and 4 Wheel driving on trails. Providence Mountains RA offers camping, rock climbing, and hiking. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"=1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal ownership. Map shows roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest and the township and range lines. Map shows trails and developed recreation areas such as campgrounds. Use this map for Deer Hunting in Unit D17. 2009

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Map: Carlsbad NM - Surface Management

By BLM TNM0315

Official Bureau of Land Management topographic maps @1:100,000 metric scale (roughly 3/4" = 1 mile), are color-coded to show federally-managed public lands; plus state, private, or tribal lands, military withdrawals, roads and trails, lakes, rivers and streams, and developed recreation areas. It is a great map to have while stalking game in Hunting Units 30, 31, fishing (where available), wildlife watching, hiking, backpacking, camping, or OHV and ATV riding. Visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park or the Living Desert State Park. Includes roads and lands in Eddy and Otero Counties and Lincoln National Forest. 2009

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Map: Craters of the Moon ID - Surface Management


A large part of Craters of the Moon National Monument with marked recreation sites is shown on this map. Along with a visitor center is a campground, and hiking trails. BLM land mostly surrounds the monument, explore the area and enjoy the scenic views. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show Surface Management/ownership. Map shows roads, OHV/4WD roads, points of interest, and recreation sites. Map is useful for OHV use, and ID Hunting Unit 52A, 68, and 49. 2014

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Map: Estes Park CO - Surface Management


The BLM quadrant maps are scaled at 1:100,000, and cover an area of about 30 x 50 miles. Explore and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Activities within the park include camping, picnicking, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, fishing, and scenic driving Trail Ridge Road across the mountains. The Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest surrounds the national park and offers the same recreational activities. Enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming at the reservoir lakes near Granby CO. Colorado Hunting Units 18, 20, 28, 29, and 171. Map differentiates by color-coding between public and private land, and also among the various agencies who manage the public lands. 2016

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