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Plush: Tortoise 12"


12" Tortoise plush

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Plush: White Tailed Deer 12"


12" White Tailed Deer plush

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Puppet Bobcat

By Folkmanis 2199

Looking deceptively like a domestic cat, the bobcat remains wild at heart as it hunts through the night for prey. This Bobcat puppet features a movable mouth, dark tufted ears and the dark stumpy tail that gives it its name. 12" LONG 8" WIDE 15" TALL

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Puppet Chipmunk


Chubby cheeks and racing stripes greet you when this friendly Chipmunk climbs aboard your hand.

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Puppet Eagle

By Folkmanis 2233

A national symbol and until recently an endangered species, the bald eagle evokes pride and nostalgia. This striking Eagle puppet features feather-like brown and white plush fabric and broad, flappable wings. His beak and talons are gold-colored velveteen. 14" LONG 29" WIDE 6" TALL

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Puppet Great Horned Owl

By Folkmanis 2403

Tall, silent, with curving "horns" and stern-looking, yellow eyes, the Great Horned Owl possesses a disturbing beauty. At night, in the dark when we have trouble seeing, he startles us with a sudden, "Who-who-whoo!" And we are glad we are not smaller than he. This magnificently crafted puppet features feather-like plush, movable wings, a rotating head and blinking eyes. 9" LONG 5" WIDE 18" TALL

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Puppet Hare


A beautiful hare right out of the storybooks to share adventures with.

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Puppet Jackrabbit


This long and lanky desert dweller, a fellow known for his dry wit and large feet, awaits animation by your hands. So, hop to it! Jack Rabbit puppet features movable head and arms, back opening.

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Puppet Ladybug 9

By Folkmanis 2032

How does your garden grow? No nursery is complete without a few friendly ladybugs. Our award-winning Ladybug glove puppet fits growing hands of all sizes, from child to adult. Innovative six-fingered design can be worn on either hand. Includes a hangtag featuring popular children's rhymes. 9" LONG 5" WIDE 4" TALL

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Puppet Raccoon


What's he up to now? Have adventures with this little mischief maker.

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Puppet Screech Owl


Feathery tan and grey plush mimic the soft, silent feathers of the screech owl puppet so realistically that they almost camouflage this woodland creature. With the hidden rod, turn his head to fix his watchful eyes on you!

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Puppet Skunk


White stripes beautifully highlight the elegant sweep of long black fur on the hazardous hindquarters of this skunk puppet. With a workable mouth and tail, she can be posed in attack position, but don't worry; scent glands are not included!

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Puppet: Pack Rat

By Folkmanis 2847

Even if you find the real thing creepy, this roly-poly Rat puppet will win you over. With soft fur, expressive eyes and a little twitchy nose and tail, he can be shy or bold, cautious or curious. With his detachable "Pack" he can collect to his heart's content.

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Puppet: Small Turkey

By Folkmanis 2853

Hold the stuffing! This Small Turkey puppet only needs your hand to come alive. Designed in multi-textured and multi-hued plush, it's a true representation of our cherished American icon. Not for eating

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Smokey Beanie Baby

By Colos, International SMOKEYBEANIE

Adorable, floppy bear may never make it out to fight fires, because you'll want to keep cuddling him!

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Smokey Bear Doll 8

By Colos International SMOKEYSTANDING

Some Forest Service personnel might take exception if you tried to hug them and rub your face on their belly, but not this guy. Smokey Bear is 8" tall, and is modestly dressed in hat and jeans, ready for a hard day of growlin` and prowlin` and sniffin` the air for fire dangers.

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Smokey Bear Keychain

By Colos, International SMOKEYKEYCHAIN

Keep Smokey with you wherever you go! Little keychain Smokey Bear� stylish in his wee pants and hat�reminds you that you can help prevent wildfires.

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