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Map: Hoopa CA - Surface Management


Map shows Klamath National Forest section with Marble Mountain Wilderness, Trinity Alps Wilderness section, and Six Rivers National Forest section, all east of Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. Travel along the Klamath River with river access points marked, enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing, and paddling/floating. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"=1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal ownership. Map shows roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest, and the township and range lines. Use this map for Deer Hunting in Units B1, B2, and B6 and for Elk Hunting in Northwestern and Marble Mountains Zones. 2003

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Map: Sandpoint ID - Surface Management

By BLM I9781411319295

A great map to have while exploring the area around Sandpoint. Explore the Kaniksu National Forest; roads, points of interest, campgrounds, and hiking trails are marked. Boating, fishing, camping, watersports, and swimming on Lake Pend Oreille. Scenic drive on the Panhandle Historic River Scenic Byway along the eastern lakeshore and the Clark Fork River. Also enjoy scenic driving on the Pend Oreille State Scenic Byway which follows along the Pend Oreille River west of Sandpoint. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show Surface Management/ownership. Map shows roads, forest roads, waterways, recreation sites, trails, and points of interest. Map is useful for ID Hunting Units 1, 2, 4A, and MT Deer and Elk Hunting Unit 100. 2007

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The Rio Grande - A River Guide

By Paul W. Bauer 9781883905286

This comprehensive, spiral bound, waterproof, 122-page river guide provides detailed, full-color maps of 153 miles of the Rio Grande, from Lasauses, Colorado to Cochiti Dam in New Mexico. Divided into eleven river stretches—including the popular whitewater runs in the Taos Box, Racecourse, and White Rock Canyon—the guide covers stretches that range in difficulty from placid canoe tours to gripping kayak descents. 121pp, includes areas within the new Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, 2011

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Guidebooks » Winter Sports

Map: Cibola National Forest NM Mt.Taylor District


Official Forest Service map @1"=2 miles scale on shaded relief base, shows all lands, roads, trails, campgrounds and other recreation sites in the Mt. Taylor District of the Cibola National Forest, including the Zuni Mountains west of Grants. This is a perfect map for hunting, fishing (shows Bluewater Lake State Park), scenic driving, hiking, camping, backpacking, and horseback riding in the forest. Includes roads leading up Mount Taylor, a popular recreation area for hiking, biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Printed on synthetic tear proof water proof paper. 2011

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Map: Ruidoso NM - Surface Management

By BLM TNM2428

Official Bureau of Land Management topographic maps @1:100,000 metric scale (roughly 3/4" = 1 mile), are color-coded to show federally-managed public lands; plus state, private, or tribal lands, military withdrawals, roads and trails, lakes, rivers and streams, and developed recreation areas. This is a great map to have while stalking game in Hunting Units 35, 36, 33, 34, and 37, fishing (where available), wildlife watching (keep your eye peeled for the next Smokey Bear - the original was from around here), hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, camping, or OHV and ATV riding. Scenic driving from Alto to Ski Apache, and scenic driving on Billy The Kid Scenic Byway(Hwy 48). Includes roads and lands in Otero, Lincoln and Chavez Counties and the northern portion of Lincoln National Forest. 2010

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