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Nature » Geology

Arizona Rocks & Minerals

By Bob Lynch, Dan R. Lynch 9781591932376

It's here: the perfect guide to rocks and minerals of the Grand Canyon State! From agates to rare treasures like gold, you'll have facts and details at your fingertips to learn about and identify your finds. The book's easy-to-use format helps you to quickly uncover what you need to know and where to look. 252pp, 2010

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Fee Mining and Rockhounding Adventures in the West

By James Martin Monaco & Jeannette Hathaway Monaco 1889786187

This unique guide directs you to over 94 collecting locations plus 150 museums, caves, points of interest, fairs and festivals throughout the western states. Digging locations are varied and include fee mines, gold prospecting areas, sites to hunt rocks, minerals and fossils, and collecting adventure tours.

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Gem Trails of Arizona

By James R. Mitchell 9781889786148

Detailed text describes where to go and what to look for at each collecting area. Maps for each site lead the rockhound to an almost limitless supply of specimens. Black and white photographs picture the collecting areas. Color photographs highlight beautiful specimens. A new glossary makes it easier to locate that special specimen for your collection. 224pp, 2001

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Gold Prospectors Handbook

By Jack Black 935182322

This book includes how to pan gold, prospect streams, gold in lode, retorts, geology, sampling techniques, tools and how to use them, sluices, portable dredges, glossary, and other valuable minerals.

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GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails

By David A. Kelty 89786353

Compasses have been the standard for locating collecting sites for decades, but there is an alternative way to find your destination- The GPS Guide to Western Gem Trails. Compiled by a veteran rockhound, this handy supplemental GPS guide directs you to the best collecting sites found in the Gem Trails books series as well as other popular rockhounding guides. 232pp, 2007

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Grand Canyon Continuing Story

By Connie Rudd 0887140467

Although erosion has been slowed considerably by the damming of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is still growing grander all the time. Find out the how the Grand Canyon story goes on in this photographic volume. 48 pp.

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Guide to the Geology of Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Highway

By John V. Bezy 9781892001214

This beautifully illustrated guide provides a geologist's eye view into the geologic setting and history of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With this text in hand, the reader will peer into the window that Sabino Canyon offers into the core of the Santa Catalina Mountains. 45pp, 2004

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Map: Sanders AZ - Surface Management Map


BLM shows roads, and topographic detail. Much of the map shows Navajo Indian Reservation. Differentiates between public and private land, and also among the various agencies who manage the public lands. Visit the Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert Visitor Center. Picnicking, hiking, scenic driving, and photography in the area. Use the map for the northern section of AZ Hunting Unit 2A. Scale 1:100,000. 2002

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Peterson's First Guide to Rocks & Minerals

By Frederick H. Pough 395935431

Written and designed for the beginner, this book describes and illustrates the most common and interesting rocks and minerals, from simple sandstone to exotic gems. Illustrated with dozens of beautiful color photographs, it tells how these rocks and minerals formed and how to identify them--and includes tips on collecting.

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Pocket Naturalist: Geology

By James Kavanaugh 1583550755

A light and easy guide to the most common rocks, fossils, gemstones and other minerals - and usual ways to appreciate `em - like rockhounding. Waterproof and tearproof plastic coating. 2012, fold-out guide

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Roadside Geology Of Arizona

By Halka Chronic 0878421475

Learn the fascinating story of Arizona`s geological past as you travel over the Colorado Plateau, down the Mogollon Rim, up into the sky islands, and across the Colorado River lowlands. Clearly written for the layman. 1983.

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Sand To Stone and Back Again

By Nancy Bo Flood 9781555916572

Sand To Stone illustrates the life cycle of sandstone for curious yound minds. Discover the amazing shapes, colors, and textures natural forces have left behind in the Desert Southwest, 2009

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Weekend Gold Miner

By A.H. Ryan, Ph.D. 935182462

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Nature » Plants

100 Roadside Wildflowers

By Western National Parks Association 911408738

In the Southwest, a parade of flowers can surprise you with their astonishing color and quantity. Blooms of red, yellow, pink, purple, and orange populate the woodlands. This book focuses on species you're most likely to see and helps you quickly identify them.

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All About Saguaros

By Carle Hodge 0916179605

Find out all you ever need to know about these majestic giants of the Sonoran Desert. 1991, 64 pp.

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Cactus of Arizona Field Guide

By Nora Bowers, Rick Bowers, Stan Tekiela 9781591930686

Learn about and identify cactus in Arizona! Full-page photos and descriptions make this the best guide to Arizona's cacti. 236pp, 2008

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Candy: Prickly Pear Box 8.5 oz

By Cheris Desert Harvest PPB8502

15 pieces of Prickly Pear candy packaged in a colorful box suitable for gift giving. No refrigeration is needed. (8.5-ounces, 15 pieces of candy).

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Edible and Useful Plants of the Southwest

By Delena Tull 292748279

All around us there are wild plants useful for food, medicine, and clothing, but most of us don't know how to identify or use them. This book includes recipes for foods, wild teas and spices, wild plant dyes and many more uses.

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Falcon Field Guide: Edible Wild Plants

By Todd Telander 762774210

Edible Wild Plants is a field guide to the 90 most common and sought-after species in North America. Conveniently sized to fit in your pocket and featuring full-color, detailed illustrations, this informative guide makes it easy to identify plants in your backyard, favorite parks, and wildlife areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Saguaro

By Janice Emily Bowers 9781583690390

How tall is a saguaro? How old are they? How do you pronounce SAGUARO? The answers to these and dozens of other questions about this iconic Sonoran Desert giant can be found in this lavishly illustrated full-color book. Noted botanist and author Janice Emily Bowers explains the importance of the saguaro, its place in the desert ecosystem and significance to native culture. 20pp

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