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Idaho Public Lands Search Map Select a Map: Click on the any portion of the map to zoom into that area. Each map is a detailed guide to public recreation sites, including...

  • Campgrounds
  • Parks & monuments
  • Historical-Cultural sites
  • Lakes & reservoirs
  • Wilderness areas
  • Wildlife refuges & fish hatcheries
  • National & historic trails
  • Scenic Drives

Custom Search: Enter key words that match topics you're interested in. These can include activities, facilities or services, specific public lands (such as a state or national park), and so on. You can enter multiple words if you wish. Separate your key words or phrases with spaces or commas.
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Select Public Lands
Bureau of Land Management Lands
National Landscapes
National Parks & Monuments
National Forests and Grasslands
National Wildlife Refuges
Lakes: Bureau of Reclamation
Lakes: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Military Reservations
State Parks, Monuments and Other Lands
Wilderness Areas
Wild & Scenic Rivers
Scenic and Back Country Byways
National Trails
NOAA Marine Reserves & Estuaries

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