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Official Agency Press Releases and/or Restriction and Closure Orders for New Mexico

Date: June 26, 2015
Pinon Fire (Gila National Forest) Update - Jun 25, 2015
Pinon Fire Update - 7:30 pm
Release Date: Jun 25, 2015
Contact(s): Punky Moore

RESERVE, NM; June 25, 2015 Ė The Pinon Fire has grown 100 acres over the past two days bringing the size to 3,300 acres. The fire is located 13 miles east of Reserve, NM on the Gila National Forest with 40 personnel on scene.

Today the fire was moving slowly along a ridge top towards the northeast near the Continental Divide Trail. Smoke was minimal and drifting north. Even though significant precipitation has fallen in Silver City, NM recently, rain has generally missed the Pinon Fire. Clouds and higher humidity have kept fire activity low.
The lightning-caused wildfire started June 16, 2015 and is being used to remove hazardous fuels, improve wildlife habitat and return fire to the ecosystem. Firefighters assigned to the incident continue to take various management actions to maintain fire progression within an established area on the Reserve Ranger District.

Fire managers are coordinating with the New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau to monitor smoke impacts during the management of the Pinon Fire. There are no closures associated with the incident, although Continental Divide Trail users are advised of fire activity on the south end of the Pinon Fire at County Road B054 (commonly known as Y Canyon Rd.) and Forest Road (FR) 4047, west of Ghost Lake and on the north at FR 3070 (or Long Canyon Rd) and FS 94 (or 5 Springs Divide). The alternate route is FR 94.

The extended forecast shows mostly cloudy skies with showers and thunderstorms. Gila National Forest officials remind travelers to drive with caution on roads near the fire area.

Date: June 26, 2015
Commissary Fire (Santa Fe National Forest) Update June 25, 2015
Commissary Fire Update June 25, 2015
Release Date: Jun 25, 2015
Contact(s): Clifton Russell (505) 470-2450

Commissary Fire Update
June 25, 2015; 11:00 A.M.
Start Date: June 5, 2015 Percent Contained: 0%
Size: 700 acres Growth Potential: Moderate
Vegetation: Ponderosa pine, aspen, mixed conifer, grass and brush

Summary: Fire crews on the lightning-caused Commissary Fire on the Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District successfully completed firing operations with hand ignitions on 200 acres yesterday as part of a strategy to manage the fire for resource objectives. Resource objectives on the Commissary Fire include improving wildlife and range habitat, encouraging regeneration of aspen, and improving watershed and overall forest health.

Firing operations will continue today with a goal of accomplishing approximately 200 acres, including firing along Forest Road 66G and the southeastern boundary of the planned area.
Air ventilation conditions remain good today; however, gusty and erratic winds may accompany predicted thunderstorms. As fire activity increases, smoke will be visible from I-25 and surrounding communities.

Smoke-sensitive individuals and people with respiratory problems are encouraged to take precautionary measures. Information on air quality and protecting your health can be found online at the New Mexico Environment Departmentís website at https://nmtracking.org/fire.

Road Advisories: Public traffic is highly discouraged on Forest Roads 83 and 66 due to heavy firefighter traffic and narrow road conditions. Caution is also advised while driving from lower Colonias north on Forest Road 83.

Weather: Partly cloudy with a 70% chance of precipitation throughout the day.

Fire Information: Updates will be available on the New Mexico Fire Information website at nmfireinfo.com, @SantaFeNFandwww.facebook.com/SantaFeNF.

Date: June 26, 2015
Red Canyon Fire (Cibola-Magdalena RD) Remains at 14,418 Acres
Red Canyon Fire Remains at 14,418 Acres

Magdalena, NM; June 26, 2015 - For Immediate Release.

The 14,418 acre Red Canyon Fire on the Magdalena Ranger District had minimal fire spread yesterday. The lightning-caused fire is located in the San Mateo Mountains, 2 miles southeast of Grassy Lookout.

Hand ignitions occurred along FR 96 to finish firing operations from previous days. There was little to no growth on the fire due to an increase in humidity, with scattered rain showers over the fire. Fire behavior was smoldering and creeping along the ground through grass and brush. The most active parts of the fire were within scattered pine stringers throughout the management areas. Resource Specialists were able to fly the fire today and begin quantifying fire effects. Overall, the fire is expected to provide for improved ecosystem health and resilience. As the Red Canyon Fire continues to burn, potential fire behavior and effects are continuously being assessed to ensure incident objectives are being met.

A local Type 3 Incident Management Short Team is managing the fire for multiple resource objectives. These objectives include improving wildlife habitat, protecting cultural resources, reducing hazardous fuels and returning fire to the ecosystem. 85 fire personnel are assigned to the fire including two Hot Shot crews, two Wildland Fire Modules, one helicopter and support personnel.

The weather forecast over the Red Canyon Fire calls for afternoon and evening thunderstorms, with relative humidity increasing due to cooler and wetter conditionís through this weekend. Smoke continues to be visible from I-25 south of Socorro, New Mexico. Local communities surround Magdalena, NM continue to experience drifting smoke and haze in the afternoon and evening from wildfires on the Gila NF and wildfires in Arizona. The New Mexico Department of Health provides a visibility test to determine smoke impacts in your area on their website at: https://nmtracking.org/en/environ_exposure/fire-and-smoke/#xEPHT__fivemile__1329.

The following Forest Roads (FR) are closed until further notice: FR 96; FR 138; FR 478A; FR 478B; FR 330; FR 331; FR 378, and FR 478. The following trails are closed: Trails 28, 31, 43, and 63. All the listed Forest Roads and trails are within the working boundaries of the Red Canyon Fire perimeter.

Fire Information: Updates will be available by contacting the Magdalena Ranger District at:

(575) 854-2281 as well as online at New Mexico Fire Information website at www.nmfireinfo.com, Twitter:@Cibola_NF, www.facebook.com/cibolanf, and www.inciweb.nwcg.org

Pinon Fire (Gila National Forest) Update - Jun 25, 2015
Commissary Fire (Santa Fe National Forest) Update June 25, 2015
Red Canyon Fire (Cibola-Magdalena RD) Remains at 14,418 Acres

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