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Authentic Southwestern Cooking

By Lynn Nusom 9781877856891

Although the tastes are rich and complex, southwestern cooking is simple. Color photographs and straightforward directions show you how to enjoy the delicious traditional food of the Southwest at home. 64pp, 1999

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Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail: Recipies and Lore From the Old West

By Sam'l P Arnold 1555912915

A delightfully entertaining and informative book, Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail is filled with rare information painstakingly culled from thousands of sources, including the diaries and journals of many who rode the trail. Generously illustrated by Sam's late wife, Carrie Arnold. Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail contains recipes of trappers, traders, settlers, various Indian tribes, Mexicans, and military soldiers. From Missouri, across Kansas to Bent's Fort, Colorado, and on to Santa Fe, New Mexico, learn from the words of the travelers themselves how to prepare such trail fare as buffalo, elk, crane, Indian "washtunkala" (jerked meat stew), as well as "belly washes," such as Injun Whisky (made with black gunpowder, red pepper, and tobacco juice). A unique blend of culinary and western history, Eating Up the Santa Fe Trail is filled with the delicacies and oddities of the Old West and is must for the professional chef, historian, buckskinner, and gastronome.

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Healthy Southwestern Cooking

By Bob Wiseman 9780873586184

No more worrying that you have to cut flavorful southwestern dishes from your diet as you try to eat healthy. From a registered dictician, find an outstanding collection of 101 recipes containing less fat, low salt and lots of flavor. From regional cuisine to contemporary Basque-style favorites, along with old classics like enchiladas, burritos and tamales. 104pp, 1995

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License to Cook New Mexico Style

By NMFBPW 1932043051

Esther Feske, a graphic artist who lives in Albuquerque, compiles and illustrates recipes that combines the spicy cooking of the Southwest with traditional dishes. The recipes are fast and easy, and new creations use traditional ingredients. You’ll also find highlights of “The Land of Enchantment.” Recipes were collected by members of the New Mexico Federation of Business and Professional Women.

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Mexican Cookbook

By Erna Fergusson 9780826300355

When it was first published in 1934, Erna Fergusson's Mexican Cookbook made authentic Mexican recipes accessible to cooks nationwide--including celebrated favorites such as enchiladas, chile rellenos, and carne adovada, as well as the simple, rustic foods traditionally prepared and served in New Mexican homes. 128pp, 1969

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New Mexico Cuisine

By Clyde Casey 9780826354174

This book reflects the diversity of New Mexican culinary traditions, offering a wide range of recipes. Along with the recipes the author includes engaging notes on one of the most unique histories and cultures in the United States. 2009

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Pocket Naturalist: Mushrooms

By James Kavanaugh 158355182-4

This handy and handsomely-illustrated pocket-sized guide shows twelve panels of the common mushrooms found in North America. Those little black skulls next to some of them indicate that you should NOT try cooking them without further consultation.

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Salsa Lovers Cook Book

By S. K. Bollin 9780914846802

More than 180 taste-tempting recipes for salsas that will make every meal a special event! Salsas for salads, appetizers, main dishes and desserts! Put some salsa in your life! Show More Show Less --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Taco Table

By Lois Ellen Frank I1583691311

Although the tastes are rich and complex, southwestern cooking is easy-and making tacos is the easiest of all. This is a handbook for bringing this culturally blended cuisine to your table, from delicious standards like Ground Beef Tacos and Tacos al Pastor to tasty breakfast Eggs & Sausage Tacos and melt-in-your mouth Squash Blossom Tacos

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Tasting New Mexico

By Cheryl Alters Jamison 9780890135426

On the occasion of New Mexico's State Centennial, "Tasting New Mexico" celebrates the state's truly distinctive cooking, a blend of Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo influences, in one hundred recipes from throughout the past century that showcase the best from New Mexico's home kitchens.

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The Ultimate Guide To Elk Hunting

By Bob Robb and Gerald Bethge 1-58574-180-9

Sixteen chapters full of expert tips on how to track `em, shoot `em, skin `em, cook `em and eat `em. If you hunt and can read, ya` gotta` have this one. Otherwise, get someone to read it to ya`. 2000, 232 pages

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