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California Wildlife Viewing Guide

By Jeanne Clark 1-56044-494-0

200 viewing sites around the Golden State.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coyotes

By Michael Rigsby 9781583691113

Why do coyotes howl? What is the difference between a coyote and a dog? Where do coyotes live? What do they eat? How fast can they run? Learn the answers to these questions and many others in this easy-to-follow book. Concise text and colorful photos and illustrations help you learn about this iconic predator. 20pp

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Javelinas (Look West)

By Lauray Yule 9781887896610

This addition to the "Look West Series Introduces the reader to the bristly pelt and razor-sharp teeth of the javelina. 64pp, 2004

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Pocket Naturalist: Mammals

By James Kavanaugh 1583551778

A light and easy guide to the most common species in North America with gorgeous full-color illustrations. Waterproof and tearproof plastic coating. 2002, fold-out guide

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Pocket Naturalist: Animal Tracks

By James Kavanaugh 1583550720

A light and easy guide to Animal Tracks with gorgeous full-color illustrations. Waterproof and tearproof plastic coating, 2000 fold out guide.

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Pocket Naturalist: New Mexico Wildlife

By James Kavanagh NM171

This slick little accordian folded "Introduction To Familiar Species" is a pocket naturalist`s field identification guide with color illustrations of most of the common mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes. A great backpack or glove compartment item no matter how you travel New Mexico.

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Scats and Tracks of the Desert Southwest

By James C. Halfpenny, Ph.D. 1560447869

Whether you're on the lookout of a kit fox, or trying to steer clear of a bear, this book helps you recognize what critters went before you and is a primer for reading the stories written in sand.

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The Ultimate Guide To Elk Hunting

By Bob Robb and Gerald Bethge 1-58574-180-9

Sixteen chapters full of expert tips on how to track `em, shoot `em, skin `em, cook `em and eat `em. If you hunt and can read, ya` gotta` have this one. Otherwise, get someone to read it to ya`. 2000, 232 pages

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The Wild Life of Elk

By Donna Love 9780878425792

The book follows the species through history and shows the many ways that humans have depended on it for eons. Learn how elk defend themselves during fights and from attacking predators, give birth in some of the most majestic locations imaginable, and have adapted to survive brutal winters and blistering heat.

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