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Fort Union - A Photo History

By T. J. Sperry 9781877856013

A historical overview of this major frontier fort that guarded the western end of the Santa Fe Trail from 1851 to 1891. Includes 20 historical photos, most never before published

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Geology of Northern New Mexico's Parks

By L Greer Price (ed) 9781883905255

This authoritative overview of the geology of northern New Mexico's parks, monuments, and public lands, with information on the regional setting, the rock record, and the most prominent geologic features. With nearly 300 full-color geologic maps, graphics, and photographs, this book is a perfect introduction to some of New Mexico's most significant geologic landscapes. 372 pages, $24.95 2010

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Great Houses of Chaco

By John Martin Campbell 826342485

In The Great Houses of Chaco, Jack Campbell's elegant black and white photos explore the intricate structures that have come to define Chaco. David Stuart and Thomas Windes provide essays that place the photographs into historic contexts, and Katherine Kallestad has written captions that explain the images themselves. Together, they detail Chacoan culture and the magnificent ruins that are the primary source of our knowledge about the ancestral people of this region.

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Map: Carlsbad NM - Surface Management

By BLM TNM0315

Official Bureau of Land Management topographic maps @1:100,000 metric scale (roughly 3/4" = 1 mile), are color-coded to show federally-managed public lands; plus state, private, or tribal lands, military withdrawals, roads and trails, lakes, rivers and streams, and developed recreation areas. It is a great map to have while stalking game in Hunting Units 30, 31, fishing (where available), wildlife watching, hiking, backpacking, camping, or OHV and ATV riding. Visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park or the Living Desert State Park. Includes roads and lands in Eddy and Otero Counties and Lincoln National Forest. 2009

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MAP: Valles Caldera NM: Guide and Map

By Kirt Kempter, Dick Huelster 9780976683995

This snazzy 2016 map of the unique Valles Caldera National Preserve just over the hill from Los Alamos, New Mexico, shows the geology of vulcanism as clearly as any you can find. The map part perfectly illustrates the ring that defines the caldera and the back side the development thereof over the eons. Now on tear proof synthetic paper. Revised in 2016 showing roads, trails and points of interest

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Pecos National Historical Park

By Sarah Gustafson 1877856703

Indians, conquistadors, traders, Civil War battles, and park rangers! Find it all in Pecos, New Mexico. 1997, 15 pp.

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Salinas Pueblo Missions: Abo, Quarai and Gran Quivira

By Dan Murphy 9780911408980

Learn about the remarkable human story of the Estancia Basin of New Mexico and the tragic drama that unfolded in the seventeenth century, when the expanding empire of Spain reached these peaceful Indian towns.

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Santa Fe Trail National Historic Trail

By Mark L. Gardner 1877856207

The Santa Fe Trail brought America to New Mexico. Trace the journey of the first overlanders to this colonial outpost of New Spain. 1993, 15 pp.

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Valles Caldera: A Vision for New Mexico's National Preserve

By William deBuys, Don J. Usner 9780890135624

This book tells the natural and human history of the preserve, presents photographs of its splendour, and outlines the unique administrative experiment now underway to manage its lands. 126pp, Paperbound 2006

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Wilderness Warrior

By Douglas Brinkley 60565282

No president has been a greater champion of our public lands and its wildlife than Theodore Roosevelt, our greatest conservation president. Exactly a hundred years after his presidency, Douglas Brinkley’s superb biography reminds us how much we owe to the nation’s 26th president. A must read for everyone who cares about our public land heritage. Hardcover, 2009, 940 pp

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