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Mountain Trees of Southern Arizona

By Frank S. Rose 9781886679474

A unique guide to our amazing native trees, this book features common and notable trees growing at 4,500 feet or more in the Sky Islands of southern Arizona. Unlike field guides of the past, it uses the same approach as Frank Rose's heralded Mountain Wildflowers of Southern Arizona, providing not only a large image of each tree, but several smaller images of their components--such as bark, fruit, flowers or cones in various stages of development, as well as occasional photos of animals that find resources in those trees.

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Natural History of the Santa Catalina Mountains AZ

By Richard C. Brusca and Wendy Moore 1886679481

This watershed book takes us behind the picture-postcard views and into the landscape, where we can understand, appreciate, and enjoy the natural history of the spectacular Santa Catalina Mountains.

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Our Wilderness; America's Common Ground

By Doug Scott 9781555916411

This photographic tribute and primer examines what wilderness really means to individual Americans and why we should remain vigilant in our protection of these lands. Our Wilderness reminds us why these areas are truly America's common ground.

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Culture & History » History

It Happened In Arizona

By James A. Crutchfield 762754206

The wild past of the wildest state in the West is here at its most colorful. Outlaws, shady ladies, vaqueros and miners all fill the pages with the juiciest history lesson ever. 1994, 128 pp.

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