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Finger Puppet: Mini Jackrabbit


The Mini Jack Rabbit has large erect ears and strong looking back legs like the real leopards who can run up to 70 miles an hour!

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Plush: Baby Bat 8"


Plush baby bat toy.

$ 6.99 | Add to cart


Plush: Bobcat Cub 9

By Wildlife Artists CCR-1350

$ 7.99 | Add to cart


Plush: Smokey Bear 12" w/ Shovel

By Smokey Bear 881

12" Smokey Bear Plush stands ready with his shovel to properly smother campfires. Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires.

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Plush: Smokey Bear 8"

By Smokey Bear 862

8" Smokey Bear Plush stands ready to remind you, that Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires

$ 14.99 | Add to cart

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