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Nature » Fishes

Fly Patterns of Northern New Mexico

By Karen Denison, Bill Orr 9780826320308

Illustrates fishing flies developed by locally-respected fly tyers, with step-by-step instructions for fly fishing success in northern New Mexico. 160pp, 2000

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Fly-Fishing In Northern New Mexico, revised ed.

By Craig Martin, ed. 0-8263-2761-3

Get your fly rod and hustle into the mountains with this book so that you can find the best trout streams before someone else does. revised 2002, 268 pp.

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Nature » General

America's Forests; Guide to Plants and Animals

By Marianne D Wallace 9781555915957

Delightful full-color illustrations and lively descriptions help not only in identifying forest types but also introduce plants and animals and provide enjoyment for the whole family. 2009

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Nature's Yucky! 2 The Desert Southwest

By Lee Ann Landstrom & Karen I. Shragg 9780878425297

Nature's Yucky! 2 introduces readers to sixteen desert creatures and vividly answers such scintillating scientific questions as: How does the regal horned lizard squirt blood from its eyes? Why do dung beetles eat poop? Why does the piglike javelina smell like stinky socks?

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Our Wilderness; America's Common Ground

By Doug Scott 9781555916411

This photographic tribute and primer examines what wilderness really means to individual Americans and why we should remain vigilant in our protection of these lands. Our Wilderness reminds us why these areas are truly America's common ground.

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Pocket Naturalist: Southwestern Desert Life

By James Kavanagh 1889903043

A light and easy guide to the most common species, both plant and animal, which inhabit the dry stretches of the Western states. Waterproof and tearproof plastic coating. 1998, fold-out guide

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Rio Grande: An Eagle's View

By Adriel Heisey 9780615234533

The Rio Grande: An Eagle's View chronicles one of the world's most significant and endangered rivers, showcasing its exquisite beauty and importance. Photographer Adriel Heisey has captured the spirit of the Rio Grande with his awe-inspiring aerial images of the river.

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Way Out in the Desert

By T.J. Marsh, Jennifer Ward 9780873586870

This lively new counting song, set to the traditional tune "Over in the Meadow", introduces children to an array of creatures--from hummingbirds and roadrunners to Gila monsters and coyotes--in their natural habitat, the Sonoran Desert. 32pp, 1998

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Nature » Astronomy

Cards: Night Sky Playing with the Constellations

By Jonathan Poppele 1591932420

Learn about the night sky while playing your favorite games. Each card features its own constellation. The suit represents the best season for viewing!

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Constellation Activity Book

By Ryan Jacobson & Shane Nitzsche 1591933250

Stargazing is a fascinating hobby that parents and children can share. Introduce kids to 26 of the most interesting and well-known constellations through dot-to-dots and other creative activities. Read the mythology behind each constellation, and utilize the flashcard cutouts to learn the constellations by sight. Then head outside and follow the book's easy-to-use instructions to locate those interesting characters in the night sky. Can you spot Orion's belt and Scorpius's tail?

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Night Sky: A Field Guide to the Constellations

By Jonathan Poppele 1591932297

This book will help you easily find all 62 constellations. Just choose the constellations and the season, hold the book up to the sky and follow the easy directions and there is your constellation! It also comes with a handy red flashlight for easy reading!

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Pocket Naturalist: The Night Sky

By James Kavanagh 188990306X

When the lights of the cities get too bright, leave the cities, lie down, and get lost in the vast infinity of the night sky. Then unfold this glow-in-the-dark guide to the constellations so you can find yourself again. 2012, fold-out guide

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Nature » Water and Wetlands

Touring New Mexico Hot Springs

By Matt C. Bischoff 762711345

New Mexico's rich history and diverse geography provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable geothermal experience-from the low desert in the south to the pine-clad Rocky Mountains in the north.

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Nature » Weather

Pocket Naturalist: Weather

By James Kavanaugh 15835511223

A light and easy guide to the most common weather terminology, cloud structures, and wierd phenomena like tornados. Waterproof and tearproof plastic coating. 2011, fold-out guide

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