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Myths and Mysteries of New Mexico

By Barbara Marriott 762758739

From the story of the lost Adams gold to the legends and legendary lawlessness of Lincoln, Myths and Mysteries of New Mexico makes history fun and pulls back the curtain on some of the state's most fascinating and compelling stories.

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New Mexico and the Civil War

By Dr. Walter Earl Pittman 9781609491376

Retired lieutenant colonel and Civil War historian Dr. Walter Earl Pittman presents this concise history of New Mexico during the Civil War years from the Confederate invasion of 1861 to the Battles of Valverde and Glorieta to the end of the war. 128pp, 2011

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New Mexico Railroads

By David F. Myrick 0826311857

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. Cumbres & Toltec. The names conjure up an era of men with walrus moustaches in striped hats shoveling wood or coal into an engine furnace. How romantic! Transport yourself back to the days when being a railroading man did not mean an office job with Amtrak. Revised edition, 1990, 276 pp.

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New Mexico's Best Ghost Towns; A Practical Guide

By Philip Varney 9780826310101

This useful guidebook surveys more than 80 ghost towns, grouped by geographic area, in New Mexico. The book has been praised for its instructions on how to reach even the most obscure sites. 1981

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New Mexico's Buffalo Soldiers; 1866-1900

By Monroe Lee Billington 9780870813467

This book stands as the best account of the role of the black soldier on New Mexico's nineteenth-century frontier. 1991

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New Mexico's Spanish Livestock Heritage

By William W Dunmire 9780826350893

Life and environment in New Mexico have been indelibly altered by livestock. Dunmire's book is the first to offer a history of the use and effects of the full range of domesticated animals in the state. 2013

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Northeastern New Mexico—A Guide to Geology and Culture

By William R. Muehlberger, Sally J. Muehlberger, and 9781883905206

The northeast corner of New Mexico, home to the largest volcanic field east of the Rocky Mountains, encompasses some of the most attractive scenery in the southwestern U.S. The region's rich cultural history includes the Santa Fe Trail and the Folsom Man site. This volume, number 19 in the popular Scenic Trip series, includes detailed road logs and provides an in-depth but popular look at this unique geologic landscape, including Capulin Mountain and the canyon of the Dry Cimarron River. Over a hundred photos, maps, and illustrations. Fully indexed, with glossary. 2005

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Off The Beaten Path: New Mexico

By Todd R. Staats 0762701013

We all know about Santa Fe, and most of us are familiar with Taos. Albuquerque is a given, so where else to go for enchantment? Set a trend: use this book to find out. Revised third edition, 1997, 195 pp.

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Outlaw Tales of New Mexico

By Barbara Marriott 9780762743209

From Billy the Kid to “Dirty Dave” Rudabaugh, Joel Fowler to Pancho Villa, read about the most notorious desperados in the history of the Land of Enchantment. Through these astonishing true stories, Outlaw Tales of New Mexico introduces you to a state you thought you knew—and a West that was wilder than you've ever imagined. 136pp, 2007

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Pecos National Historical Park

By Sarah Gustafson 1877856703

Indians, conquistadors, traders, Civil War battles, and park rangers! Find it all in Pecos, New Mexico. 1997, 15 pp.

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Philmont; a History of New Mexico's Cimarron Country

By Lawrence R Murphy 9780826302441

This is the first comprehensive history of the Colfax County area of northeastern New Mexico. Best known as the home of the Philmont Scout Ranch, where thousands of Boy Scouts from around the world gather every year, this beautiful country has a violent and varied past. 1972

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Place Names Of New Mexico

By Robert Julyan 0826316891

The first one everybody looks up is Truth or Consequences. Luckily there are hundreds more place names in New Mexico with equally or more interesting provenances. Revised edition, 1999, 385 pp.

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Roadside History Of New Mexico

By Francis Fugate, Roberta Fugate 0878422420

Up for a road trip through space and time spanning fifteen hundred years and the state of New Mexico? Then grab this big book of roadside historical attractions and get the car warmed up.

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Roadside New Mexico

By David Pike 826355690

Through New MexicoÂ’s Official Scenic Historic Markers we learn about the people, the geological features, and the historical events that have made the Land of Enchantment a place unlike any other. An index to our history, these markers tell an incredible story about our cultures and origins. This revised and expanded edition of Roadside New Mexico provides additional information about these sites and includes approximately one hundred new markers, sixty-five of which document the contribution of women to the history of New Mexico.

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Salinas Pueblo Missions: Abo, Quarai and Gran Quivira

By Dan Murphy 9780911408980

Learn about the remarkable human story of the Estancia Basin of New Mexico and the tragic drama that unfolded in the seventeenth century, when the expanding empire of Spain reached these peaceful Indian towns.

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Santa Fe Trail National Historic Trail

By Mark L. Gardner 1877856207

The Santa Fe Trail brought America to New Mexico. Trace the journey of the first overlanders to this colonial outpost of New Spain. 1993, 15 pp.

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Santa Fe, History of an Ancient City

By David Grant Noble 9781934691045

In 2010, Santa Fe officially turned 400—four centuries of a rich and contentious history of Indian, Spanish, and American interactions. The origins and transformations of the very building blocks of Santa Fe, from the iconic Palace of the Governors to the city's acequia irrigation system, are revealed in these pages.

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Spider Woman's Gift

By Joyce Begay-Foss, Marian E. Rodee 9780890135310

Dine textile and basketry weavings in Santa Fe's Museum of Indian Arts and Culture collections created between the 1850s and the 1890s allow us to explore the oral history of Spider Woman and the early history of the Dine during this time. This book presents two viewpoints on Dine weaving. One is the perspective of Dine weaver and museum educator, Joyce Begay-Foss and the other viewpoint is from well-known Dine textile scholar and anthropologist, Marian Rodee.

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Tierra Amarilla: Stories of New Mexico/Cuentos de Nuevo Mexico

By Sabine Ulibarr� 9780826314383

Ulibarr�, a native of Tierra Amarilla, takes the reader back into his past, inside the church and adobe homes, through the forests and fields, across mountain meadows and canyons, revealing an enduring love of the Spanish American people who come alive in this book. 200pp, 1993

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Tracing the Santa Fe Trail

By Ronald J Dulle 878425716

From 1821 to 1880, bold and daring men loaded their wagons with trade goods and set out from Missouri to Santa Fe, in the newly independent nation of Mexico. These merchants, teamsters, and travlers exchanged not only material goods, but also ideas and customs, forever altering the cultural and economic landscape for American, Mexican, and Indian peoples along the route. In Tracing the Santa Fe Trail, modern, full-color images of the trail are juxtaposed with historical commentary to create a photographic journey that adroitly blends past and present.

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