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Puzzle: Arizona Scenic


Beautiful 300-piece jugsaw puzzle of the Grand Canyon State. Featuring the photography of Larry Burton

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By Impact 24-23

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Sabino Canyon Coin

By Impact 65785

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Sage-Lavendar & Juniper Balm


People always ask what is this balm for or how is it used. It is a general purpose, aroma therapeutic healing balm that uplifts the spirit and heals a variety of minor skin ailments.

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Saguaro Height Chart


Chart the growth of your little one and learn some fun desert facts along the way with the Saguaro Height Chart! Parents and grandparents will enjoy tracking their children's and grandchildren's height as they learn fascinating facts about the saguaro cactus, giant of the Sonoran Desert. How fast do saguaros grow? What animals make their homes in or near saguaros? The answers to these and other questions are found on this bright and colorful six-foot chart. Ships rolled in a clear plastic tube, complete with insert containing even more fun facts about the giant saguaro cactus and its Sonoran Desert habitat.

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Sore Joint Rub (.75oz)

By Medicine of the People CRSO

The Navajo herbs (proprietary blend) in this salve reduce the pain and swelling of sore joints and can be used to relax tight muscles. The salve can be rubbed directly into affected areas. It can also be applied with heat like a hot towel, heating pad or after a hot shower or bath. In traditional way the herb was used in conjunction with the sweat lodge

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Southwest Discovery Blocks


Who said learning can't be fun! These colorfully detailed building blocks help kids explore the American Southwest while creating a three-foot tower of learning. The blocks feature counting numbers, history, wildlife and plant life, critters, and landscapes from the Sonoran Desert to the Rocky Mountains. Kid tested and teacher approved for children 2 to 8 years old. Includes storage box with handle.

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Trail Bar: Almond Chocolate

By Olympic Granola 81266101002

The same crunchy, chewy goodness of our Honey Almond, with a delectable layer of semi-sweet chocolate. Healthy energy never tasted so good!

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Trail Bar: Espresso Almond

By Olympic Granola 5081266101004

All-natural granola, rich chocolate, and gourmet coffee - a triple threat! This could be the best part of your day.

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Water Bottle: Sabino Canyon


This 22 ounce stainless steel water bottle comes with a carabiner for securing it to daypacks or backpacks and features the magnificent landscape of Sabino Canyon.

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White Sage Balm (.75oz)

By Medicine of the People CRWH

The healing properties of this balm come from White Sage and Sagebrush. Together they make this the strongest of our three Sage balms. Inhale the scent deeply when tin is opened than rub into temples. White sage purifies the spirit and awakens the senses making this "travel" balm a must have for your next journey!

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