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Map: Ashley NF UT -  Flaming Gorge & Vernal RD

Map: Ashley NF UT - Flaming Gorge & Vernal RD

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A great map to have for planning a trip visiting the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Scenic drive the highways on the east side or west side of the gorge with numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing, camping, hiking, boating, fishing, or water skiing and jet skiing. Also you can float the Green River near Dutch John. Map also shows the forested Unita Mountains and part of High Unitas Wilderness north of Vernal, and the expansive BLM lands adjacent to the gorge. This map is based on a 1:126,000 scale and includes topographical information, color-coded surface management, ranger stations, campgrounds, other recreation sites, recreation information, points of interest, trails and roads. Use the map for hunting in North Slope and South Slope Units. Printed on tear-proof, synthetic material. 1998

Wyoming Moose Hunting Unit 35
Wyoming Elk Hunting Unit 31
Wyoming Elk Hunting Unit 107
Wyoming Deer Hunting Unit 132
Wyoming Deer Hunting Unit 102
Wyoming Antelope Hunting Unit 95
Utah Wildlife Management Unit South Slope
Utah Wildlife Management Unit North Slope