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Javelina Squadron

Join the JAVELINA SQUADRON to support the Public Lands Interpretive Association.
Your donation will support our efforts to educate visitors about public lands in the Southwest.


Dear Friends,

We need your help!

Covid-19 has forced the Public Lands Interpretive Association to close our educational bookstores in visitors centers on public lands in Arizona and New Mexico. We need your support so we can continue our operations.

Please consider donating $50 and you'll receive your very own "Javie" the javelina plush to hug and to hold through this incredibly hard time. Your donation will enroll you in the Javelina Squadron and you'll receive:

FREE 16" Javie the Javelina plush
FREE public lands bandanna
FREE public lands sticker
Annual membership card in your name
15% off online purchases
Savings at 400 other public land stores.

Thank you for supporting our efforts. We will get through this together!

Join the Javelina Squadron

Receive "Javie" the javelina plush and other member benefits

Donation Amount: $50

The Public Lands Interpretive Association is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

Javelina Fun Facts!

Javelina, pronounced: ha·vuh·lee·nuh.

A group of javelina is called a squadron.

Habitat: Desert areas, saguaro forests, woodlands and grasslands.

Range: They live in the Southwest desert and in Central and South America.

Diet: Mainly plants and cactus fruit but they will also eat lizards, rodents, and other animal matter.

They are not pigs! They're technically peccaries.