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McArthur Lake Wildlife Management Area
Idaho Road & Recreation Atlas
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McArthur Lake Wildlife Management Area, Idaho
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Description: 2000-foot elevation. 1207 acres includes a 600-acre shallow impoundment, surrounding marshland, and riparian zones forested with cottonwood, willow, birch, aspen and alder. Conifers cover the surrounding hills. The agency has constructed nesting sites and structures, brooding and resting areas, and a concrete dam to control water levels in the reservoir. Some crops are grown to provide food, and logged areas are being reseeded with pasture grasses. White-tailed deer inhabit the heavy forests, leaving to graze in these patures. All waterfowl species in northern Idaho pass through this area, but Canada geese are the most common. Big game includes mule and white-tail deer, elk, and moose. The reservoir is home to otters, beaver, and muscrats. Merriam turkeys were transplanted in the 1980s, and are thriving. Fishing for brook trout and yellow perch. Camping in designated area north of the dam. Waterfowl, moose,deer and bear hunting in season. Wildlife viewing moose in June, and bird migrations in spring and fall.

Location: Go north 18 miles on US 95 from Sandpoint.

Address: Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Panhandle Regional Office
2885 W. Kathleen Ave
Coeur d'Alene, ID  83815
Phone: (208) 769-1414

Season: year round

Fee: no

Reservations: no
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Notes: Dogs must be kept on a leash except bird dogs in hunting season.
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