Explore the El Malpais Ranger Talk Video Series

El Malpais National Conservation Area

Over the next several weeks, we've teamed up with the staff at El Malpais National Conservation Area to explore this unique public land near Grants, New Mexico.

Join us on our Facebook page on Wednesdays at 12pm MT to learn more about this Bureau of Land Management site!

This landing page will feature links to videos in the El Malpais series after they've aired on our Facebook page.

  • Homesteading

    This week's video is: "Homesteading.” Ranger Mark teaches us about the history of homesteading in El Malpais, showing us historic homesteads and infrastructure located near Armijo Canyon and Armijo Spring.

  • An Ancient Toolkit

    This week's video is: "An Ancient Toolkit.” Join Ranger Mark to see the kind of toolkit ancient visitors to the land that is now El Malpais National Conservation Area might have used to make stone tools and hunting weapons.

  • Ancient Engineers! Hunting with the Atlatl

    This week's video is: "Ancient Engineers! Hunting with the Atlatl.” Meet Ranger Mark in El Malpais National Conservation Area and see him demonstrate and ancient hunting weapon.

  • Did They See What We See?

    This week's video is: "Did They See What We See?" Ranger Mark Abetz discusses how the night sky may have looked for inhabitants and visitors of El Malpais thousands of years ago.

  • Why Do They Call it The Narrows?

    This week's video is: "Why Do They Call it The Narrows?" Meet Ranger Mark on the Narrows Rim Trail to hear about what is so unique about the geology there.

  • Aloha! Hawaiian Words for New Mexico Volcanos.

    This week's video is: "Aloha! Hawaiian Words for New Mexico Volcanoes." Join Ranger Mark Abetz as he explores the Hawaiian words used to describe the volcanic formations found throughout El Malpais National Conservation Area.
  • Can you see time? Sandstone geology of El Malpais.

    This week's video is: "Can you see time? Sandstone geology of El Malpais." Join Ranger Mark at La Ventana Arch for a talk about the sandstone geology and how the arch formed.

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