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Sabino Canyon Visitor Center

A beautiful canyon in the desert southwest

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is nestled in the rugged front range of the Santa Catalina Mountains outside of Tucson, AZ. Mountains, water, and valley meet at Sabino Canyon to form a desert oasis. The heart of Sabino Canyon is Sabino Creek, a gurgling brook that originates on Mount Lemmon at 9,196 feet.

The lush vegetation along the creek stands in sharp contrast to the dry, saguaro-studded slopes above the canyon and offers rich diversity of plant species and wildlife for visitors to enjoy.

Improving the visitor experience

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Sabino Canyon each year. The recreation area offers opportunities for jogging, hiking, wildlife viewing, and swimming.

Since 1982, our staff have partnered with the Forest Service at Sabino Canyon to educate visitors and answer their recreation questions.

At our bookstore, we offer publications and products for purchase that help people gain a deeper connection to the canyon and help keep them safe from extreme desert temperatures.

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Your purchase helps support Sabino Canyon

In June 2020, the Bighorn Fire burned more than 119,000 acres of the Santa Catalina Mountains. By shopping our Sabino Canyon Visitor Center online store, you help support the long-term sustainability of this unique place.

A portion of the proceeds from sales will directly fund restoration projects in the Santa Catalina Mountains.
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Sabino Canyon Gifts

  • Tote Bag: Sonoran Desert
  • Water Bottle: Sabino Canyon
  • Puzzle: Sabino Canyon 500 pieces
  • Magnet: 3-D Sabino Canyon
  • Magnet: Advice From a Saguaro
  • Magnet: Advice From Sabino Canyon
  • Poster: Sabino Canyon by Virginia Moyer
  • Postcard: Sabino Canyon Seven Falls
  • Stone Magnet: Saguaro Cactus
  • Stone Magnet: Barrel Cactus
  • Metal Magnet: Quail
  • Metal Magnet: Hummingbird
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  • Sticker: Advice from a Saguaro (Wood)
  • Stone Coaster: Prickly Pear Cactus
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  • Boxed Notecards: Sabino Canyon by Virginia Moyer
  • Coin: Sabino Canyon
  • Token: Sabino Canyon
  • Pin: Sabino Canyon
  • Bookmark: Advice From Sabino Canyon
  • Playing Cards: Southwest Cactus

Sabino Canyon Books

  • Guide to the Geology of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona: The Geology and Life Zones of a Madrean Sky Island
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  • A Naturalist's Guide to Sabino Canyon
  • Natural History of the Santa Catalina Mountains, AZ
  • Sabino Canyon Life of a Southwestern Oasis
  • Look to the Mountains
  • Road to Mount Lemmon
  • Catalina Mountains: A Guide Book with Original Paintings
  • Don't Call Me Pig
  • The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit
  • Desert Night Desert Day
  • Deep in the Desert
  • Sonoran Grill
  • Wildflowers of Arizona Field Guide
  • Let's Explore the Desert
  • Audubon Field Guide to Southwest States
  • Pocket Guide: Butterflies of Southeast Arizona
  • Pocket Guide: Reptiles & Amphibians of the Sonoran Desert
  • Flipbook: Bald Eagle
  • Flipbook: Owls
  • Field Guide to Sabino Canyon
  • Pocket Guide: Trees & Shrubs of the U.S. Desert Southwest
  • Pocket Guide: Wildflowers of the U.S. Desert Southwest

Sabino Canyon Apparel

  • Bandana: Sabino Canyon
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  • T-shirt: Sabino Hawk Sky Blue
  • T-shirt: Sabino Canyon Purple V-Neck
  • T-shirt: Sabino Canyon Saguaro
  • T-shirt: Advice from a Saguaro
  • T-shirt: May the Forest Be With You
  • T-Shirt: Sabino Kids
  • Visor: Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon Plush and Puppets

  • Plush: Wolf - Dancer
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  • Plush: Bobcat Cub 9"
  • Plush: Mountain Lion 8"
  • Plush: Black Bear 15"
  • Plush: Tortoise
  • Plush: Smokey Bear 8"
  • Plush: Bighorn Sheep 8"
  • Puppet: Pack Rat
  • Plush: Kangaroo Rat
  • Plush: Tarantula 12"
  • Plush: Black Bear 10"

The power of partnership

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is supported by many dedicated nonprofit and volunteer-based organizations who partner with the Forest Service. As a community, we work together to protect and enhance Sabino Canyon.

Visit these partner websites to further support their work as well.