Collection: Educational Puppets

Delightful Interpretive gifts for all ages. Our selection of plush have been carefully selected to represent the rich biodiversity of New Mexico and Arizona. We carry traditional plush and puppets. Many feature an interpretive tag full of insights into the lives of our mostly fluffy neighbors...there are reptiles and arachnids in these parts.
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  • Finger Puppet: Mini Great Horned Owl
  • Puppet: Abert's Squirrel
  • Finger Puppet: Mini Monarch Butterfly
  • Finger Puppet: Mini Fox
  • Finger Puppet: Mini Eagle
  • Puppet: Small Black Bear
  • Puppet: Little Brown Bat
  • Finger Puppet: Mini Jackrabbit
  • Puppet: Jackrabbit
  • Puppet: Great Horned Owl
  • Puppet: Eagle